Who are the AMP experts?

Building websites and E-commerce solutions since 2004 and working with SEO for 11 years, I have seen technologies come and go, and right now, AMP is the technology to embrace for all who are serious with their online presence.

Google had for many years, talked about the importance of mobile websites. When they released the first version of the AMP technology in 2016, not many took notice. Being extremely busy I was also thinking " Let us wait and see".

On July 1, 2019, Google launched the" mobile-first indexing". It was perfect timing because July is our most relaxed month, and I was thinking, let's test it. We worked all July make one of our websites into 100% AMP and had much fun doing so.

We expected our old website to take a hit as we had not optimized the website fully for mobile, as in B2B most traffic is from a desktop it had not been an issue before.

But when the AMP site launched - The results were stunning!

As you can see we took a clear hit when the mobile first index hit our website, but after launching the AMP version it took of!

My name is Soren Jensen, I have more than 15 years of experience in the web industry. Both development of websites and shops, operation and logistics of e-commerce, as well as online marketing with focus on SEO and AdWords.

I started to create websites for small businesses and clubs in 2004 by looking up the local supermarkets and the local newspaper. It led to sites for a Neil Young cover band, the local karate club, a cleaning company, and that's how things developed just as quietly.

Since then I have worked with market leaders as Komplett group, St. Minver (purchased by GTECH Interactive), and a big bunch of Danish companies, as I am from Denmark.

I created my own company in Thailand 8 years ago, and two years ago, I expanded in Estonia to amp up with some European quality management.

I have a great team of developers and SEO experts ready to support your online success stories.